Push Button Care Services Overview

Aging in Place Advisor

Push Button Care advisors makes aging in place a breeze.  You receive an aging in place assessment and personalized plan of support, services, and recommendations.  Speak with our aging in place advisors to discuss your plan, any changes in your needs, and your personal aging goals.

Free 24/7 Emergency Response

All Push Button Care support packages come with free 24/7 emergency response services.  Our call center team is always available to assist you.  We deliver the support you need when you need it.  We can coordinate a family member, caregiver, or emergency responders.

Care Coordination Bedside Assistance™

Our team is standing by to help you navigate the healthcare system nationwide.  Access us easily through the push of the button, the toll free number, or mobile app. You can request recommendations and quality reports about local skilled nursing facilitries, home health agencies, and home care companies. Use our discharge planning checklist to improve your transition from the hospital to home or another care setting. 

Free Mobile Support Pendant with Fall Detection

The Independent Senior Support and Family Caregiver Support services include a Free mobile safety pendant with automatic fall detection and GPS locator.  Safety and security immediately delivered.

Vitals Signs and Symptoms Tracking

Keep track of vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, weight, oxygen levels throuhg the Push Button Care mobile app or through the Chronic Care Wellness Plan monitoring devices.  By reporting symptoms and vitals our support team will deliver preventive care recommendations to help you enjoy every day.

Health Record & Family Dashboard

Push Button Care members receive an online personal health and wellness record.  This record is used to document and share your medical history, past hospitalizations, allergies, current medications and recent health vitals and symptoms with your doctor or staff at an emergency room. 

Wellness Reviews

The Push Button Care support team conducts regularly scheduled phone wellness reviews with each member to discuss any medical or daily living concerns.  Keep track of vitals and document any new symptoms in the Push Button Care mobile app to discuss during your next wellness review.

Preventive Care Reminders

We understand every member faces their own unique challenges to aging in place. We take into account past medical history, current wellness, and personal wellness goals to provide the best recommendations for long term health.

Solutions for Independence

Family Caregiver Support

Independent Senior Support

Chronic Care Wellness Support

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Keeping Members and Care Teams Connected & Informed

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Self-Quarantine Support Service Available for Coronavirus

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