The Wellness monitoring kit with Push Button Care™ is a premium solution to staying safe and secure in your home and tracking health vitals & sympoms for long term wellness.  This is a new path for independent seniors living with chronic conditions and approved by their physician to be activated for Remote Patient Monitoring services.  This wellness kit provides you a connected care solution to maintain your independence and gain the benefits and security of regular monthly health monitoring.

The Push Button Care™ Wellness Kit include

This solution includes the following aging in place services plus health vitals wellness monitoring devices:

Available Health Link Devices

The wellness monitoring devices included with the wellness kit:
  • Bluetooth Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Bluetooth Pulse oximeter
  • Bluetooth Standard Weight Scale, or
  • Bluetooth Large Capacity Weight Scale 550lbs
Shipping & Handling $15.00

Wellness Monitoring Kit

$134.95 / month

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