Support for Family Caregivers

You are not alone. There is currently 40.4 million family caregivers across the country and Push Button Care is designed to help them reduce the stress of caring for a loved one.

Our support team is standing by to help coordinate care, schedule doctor’s appointments, hunt down prescription refills, track down a home health care nurse, investigate a medical equipment order or talk to you about any of your other caregiving concerns.

Family Caregiver Support

$99.95 / month

Peace of Mind for Family Caregivers  

The Family Caregiver Support Package comes with a simple to use and lightweight Cellular Pendant to protect their loved one through a push of a button. The pendant is equipped with Automatic Fall Detection**, a GPS locator*, crystal clear Two-way Voice Communication and access to  24/7 Medical Alert and our Exclusive Caregiver Support team. Our pendant is ideal for family caregivers looking for an added layer of protection when they need to step away to go to work, run an errand or take a nap.

Family Caregiver Support Package Services Included ($200 Monthly Value)

Free Mobile Support Pendant Features