Key Benefits

The Push Button Care™ Caregiver Assistant solution is all of our aging in place support services without the cellular pendant mobile medical alert device. This simple solution grants you access to all our health and wellness tools and resources and most importantly our expert aging in place support team.  This means as a member you have access to our exclusive Bedside Assistance™ for non-emergency premium support. 

Family Caregiver Assistant

$29.95 / month

Care Management Support

This solution is ideal for anyone managing their own care or acting as a caregiver for a family member.  Keep track of important health information in your personal health recordl. Preventive care reminders for medical appointments, tests, and screenings.  Vitals and Symptoms Tracking included through a mobile app to maintain an Online Health & Wellness Record to share with medical staff.  Access to our aging in place experts for daily living recommendations and referrals for local care providers.

Key Features of Caregiver Assistant

*Additional Care Coordination Support Available. Call for Additional Services

Monthly Pricing of $29.95

No Long-term Contract – Month to Month Plan