In this episode of JPHMP Direct Talk, we highlight the work of Dr. Shaun Owens, Director of the Healthy Aging Research and Technology (HART) Lab at the University of South Carolina’s College of Social Work, whose mission is to become a leader in community-driven, transdisciplinary research toward the development of innovative technologies for health communications, health decision making, health management, and healthy aging. The HART Lab emphasizes both home and clinical translations of the technologies that come out of the lab.

“A lot of the things that we’re doing are contributing to a person’s ability to make meaningful, quality decisions about their health in hopes that if they’re able to manage their health appropriately, they may be able to maintain their independence within their residences,” says Dr. Owens.

“Aging in place is not only about remaining in your actual home. It’s about the total package. It’s about the community that you live in, the larger community. Your support system. Your social networks. All of these things contribute to your quality of life.” Read More from the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice Direct