We Agree Family Caregivers Need More Support

About 40 million people—or  about one-in-six Americans over age 15—provide some support for an older adult, according to a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On any given day, about one-quarter of them are actively caring for a parent, spouse, other relative, or friend.

Nearly half of those family caregivers are age 45 to 64, but about 8 million—or about 20 percent—are ages 15-34. About 9 million are age 65 or older. Overall about 60 percent of family caregivers are women and 40 percent are men, according to this survey. Other studies show the split is closer to 5/50.

The report provides important evidence about the burdens on those who are caring for an older adult while trying to hold down a job and also care for their children. Read More on Forbes