Family Caregiver Support Health & Wellness Tools

Vital Signs & Symptoms Tracking Service

  • App accessed via web browser on mobile, tablet, or computer.
  • Use App to document measurements of blood pressure, pulse, weight, oxygen level and ¬† general health related symptoms and notes regarding changes in condition through an online web form
  • View health vital sign alerts inside personal health record.

Personal Health Record & Family Dashboard

  • Personal health record account in OverSightMD HIPAA secured OverSightCloud platform
  • Personal health record includes the ability to add, edit, and view medical history, past hospitalizations, allergies, current medications, social and mental health history.
  • Access personal health record and view, add, or edit is done via a compatible web browser displayed on a desktop computer, tablet computer, or mobile phone.
  • All health vitals logged through the vitals and symptoms app.
  • All health vital signs are plotted on line graph inside the personal health record to display trends and baseline measurements for clinical staff.

Health & Wellness Guide

  • Health and wellness information for older adults.
  • Topics include aging in place, chronic conditions, understanding vital signs, important symptoms to be aware of, and more.

Preventive Care Reminder Services

  • Yearly reminders for preventive care exams, labs & radiology (If data is provided).
  • Year-round reminders for recommended follow-up appointments with primary care physician.
  • Optional year-round reminders to stay active with local activities schedule.
  • Healthy eating guide for older adults.

Home Safety Checklist

  • Comprehensive Home Safety Questionnaire
  • Aging in Place Designed Home Safety Checklist
  • Home Safety Product Recommendations
aging in place support for older adults

Self-Quarantine Support Service Available for Coronavirus

Click here for more information - Self Quarantine Service

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