Push Button Care Advantage

Aging in Place Advisor

Push Button Care takes away the fear of aging in place.  You are never alone as a Push Button Care member. You are always connected with a Push Button Care advisor. Instantly improve your overall safety in the home through our easy to follow home safety checklist. Make informed decisions regarding local service providers for assistance with home safety, general home maintenance, and cleaning services.  Find out what is going on in your local community and get plugged into activities, social groups, and things to do for seniors.  Understand what other seniors are using in their homes to make aging in place a reality and get guidance on your own plan.

Free 24/7 Emergency Response

Push Button Care premium emergency response services deliver immediate peace of mind.  Whether you are equipped with the Independent Senior Support products or our Chronic Care Wellness Support solution, every member has access to our call center support team to coordinate a response in times of an emergency.  We have your location on file and able to relay important details about your residence or current wellbeing to emergency dispatch so you get the care you need, when you need it.

Bedside Assistance™ Care Coordination

Push Button Care support doesn’t stop after an emergency response.  Our team is available to support members and their caregiver with post emergency help with our Bedside Assistance care coordination.  We help you navigate the healthcare system to find the right care professionals and guide your decisions.  We provide quality reports about skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies in your local area to assist in picking the right next steps . Our discharge planning checklist covers important details regarding your transition from the hospital to home or another care facility.  Our members and their families can rely on our in depth reviews of each local skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, home care companies, and residential communities to make informed decisions.  

Free Mobile Safety Pendant with Fall Detection

Falls are a leading cause of emergency room visits.  In case of a fall with our automatic fall detection, you are not alone inside or outside of your home.  This automatic feature reduces the time between a fall and you receiving care.  If the automatic fall detection pendant triggers a fall alert, you will be contacted immediately. If our response team is unable to reach you, emergency response will be initiated to confirm your wellbeing.

Vitals Signs and Symptoms Tracking through Mobile App

Our members can log health vital signs and document symptoms through our mobile app.  Individuals with our Chronic Care Wellness Support automatically update their personal health record with vital signs when using the monitoring devices. Logging vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, weight, oxygen levels and more has never been easier.  Share your data with medical staff during routine doctor visits or in times of medical emergency.  By reporting symptoms and vitals our support team will deliver preventive care recommendations to help you enjoy every day.

Health Record & Family Dashboard

Push Button Care members receive the benefit of an online health and wellness record.  This record is used to document and share your medical history, past hospitalizations, allergies, and current medications.  Using our mobile app you can update the record with daily health vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, weight, O2 levels, glucose, temperature, and any symptoms you may be experiencing.  You can share this record with your doctor or staff at an emergency room. This can give them valuable insight into your current health and past history.  A well maintained online health record can greatly reduce ER check-in stress and improve the ongoing care you receive by your primary care doctor. 

Wellness Reviews

Tracking health vitals for managing a chronic condition is simple and easy with Push Button care and allows our team to stay informed about your wellbeing and conduct a routine wellness review.  The Chronic Care Wellness Support automatically transmits your health vitals everytime you take measurement.  No more writing pen and paper notes with your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels or weight. Everything is stored in your secure online health record and can be easily shared with your doctor.  Through the Push Button Care mobile app you can record additional health vitals and symptoms along with detailed notes allowing you to easily document any changes in your condition.  This information can greatly assist your doctor if you are on a new medication or had a change in medications.

Preventive Care Reminders

We understand every member faces their own unique challenges to aging in place. We take into account past medical history, current wellness, and personal wellness goals to provide the best recommendations for long term health.

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